Mobile apps with Offline Learning

Our white labelled mobile apps for iOS and Android allows users to continue learning on mobile devices. With offline viewing capabilities bandwidth is not a show stopper anymore.

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Training Program Manager

Regardless of how promising and effective eLearning is, you will still end up doing classroom, hands on trainings. We know that, and that’s ok.

We also know it’s a painful load of work to manage a classroom training. That’s why we came up with this awesome feature to lighten the burden. Headstart Training Manager.

Training manager can help you,

  • Manage training resources (classrooms, shared devices)
  • Provision trainings and schedule training sessions
  • Get nominations for trainings from designated managers/ supervisors
  • Confirm nominated trainees (or upload your own list) and notify
  • Mark attendance (manually, via QR code, User ID input)
  • Manage team activities
  • Live polls
  • Post training surveys
  • Class notebook

Learning Path

Let your team visualize their training progress, challenge them with meaningful goals.

With learning path you can group courses in a milestone hierarchy, which will enable user to progress through multiple stages.


Best Features
Ever Seen



Our platform features a rich evaluation engine with all the bells and whistles you need to conduct comprehensive evaluations including many interactive questions types .


Our platform is designed to facilitate learner collaboration via comments, feedbacks and focused group chats.


What better way to drive engagement, other than gamification. Make your training programs interesting with custom logics and beautiful badges. Or let users show off by climbing the leaderboard.
Training Program Manager

Training Program Manager

Not only online trainings, our platform facilitate classroom trainings as well. From provisioning, nominating/ assigning to attendance taking and conducting training.
Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Platform has a comprehensive set of built in reports to get the information you need, when you need. Weekly digest provides privileged users with insights and analytics on their organizations learning and development.


Integrate with identity providers like (AD, O365, Google) or with your Sales/ HR systems with ease. You can utilize built in APIs and Webhooks.

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Why Us

Headstart Learning Platform, is built keeping engagement in mind to drive your eLearning initiative toward success

01. Clean Design & Rich User Experience

Success of your eLearning initiative depends on learners. Our solution is beautiful and easy to use so learners will be comfortable using the solution.

02. Easy Administration

Not all of us are tech savy to use complicated admin panels. So we made our system so easy to manage, simply if you can make post on social media, you can easily create a course/ exam on our solution. Simple as that

03. Gamification

Best way to drive usage is to gamify the experience and provide rewards. Our learning badges and beautiful profile gives users a way to show off they achievements while building up the competition

04. Classroom Training

Not all the trainings can be done online. That's why we facilitate classroom training as well. We cover overall lifecycle from creating, assigning, noticing trainees, taking attendance to evaluations, feedbacks

05. Support for all major digital content types

Use your favorite tool to author content without worrying as we cover all major content types including SCORM, AICC, H5P.

06. Evaluations beyond MCQ

We support more than 10 questions types in exams apart from MCQ. Make exam interesting and interactive by adding drag & drop, matching and ordering question types.

Cooking for 2019 Q3 & Q4

  • Social Feed to drive social learning
  • Game content authoring
  • Microsoft Teams Integration

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