AIA Sri Lanka launches ‘eLearner 2.0’ together with Headstart Learning Software

Since 2015, AIA had been successfully improving their productivity using the Headstart LMS. In 2018, AIA launched “eLearner 2.0”, with the newest features of Headstart LMS to improve the efficiency of their training management operations.  

RAIA is one of the largest insurance companies in Sri Lanka. In 2015, AIA Sri Lanka launched the initial version of Headstart Learning Management System (HLMS) provisioning access to 3,000+ insurance agents. With the HLMS, AIA could develop a significant learning and development strategy which greatly improved the productivity of their insurance agents.

The HLMS, allowed the insurance agents to learn using the digital training modules as and when they could spare sometime within their busy work schedules and complete their milestones in their own learning pace. 

Managers were able to spend less time on monitoring performance and analysing the progress of the insurance agents using the comprehensive reporting and analytic features built-in the HLMS. Thus, had enabled managers to easily identify the strengths as well as the areas that required further development.  

With the launch of ‘eLearner 2.0’, the managers were able to request for trainings for their team members through the HLMS, considering their development needs. With the newest addition of features, the training managers/admins could notify the insurance agents about their training schedules, mark attendance and conduct the trainings, with much ease. Furthermore, the training managers could easily generate detailed analysis reports on the performance of the insurance agents at each training program.

The features of the Training Manager function greatly support AIA Sri Lanka to improve; the effectiveness of their learning and development processes and efficiency of their training management operations, immensely.

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