Make a powerful impact with every training program

Headstart ‘Training Manager’ function allows your organization to arrange the most effective training programs and supports to make the best out of each training program.   

It’s always wise for an organisation to improve its own training and development strategy as it has a direct impact on the growth of the business. Accordingly, it is vital to formulate a proper system that eases the management of the entire training and development operation.

Following the best practices of the industry, Headstart Training Manager function allows your organisation to digitise all aspects of the training and development operation while ensuring improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of the training management workflows.

With the Headstart Training Manager function, you can;

  • Manage training resources (classrooms, shared devices)
  • Provision trainings and schedule training sessions
  • Get nominations for trainings from designated managers/ supervisors
  • Confirm nominated trainees (or upload your own list) and notify
  • Mark attendance (manually, via QR code, User ID input)
  • Share eLearning training materials for each training program
  • Manage team activities
  • Collaboration with trainees through live polls
  • Post training surveys
  • Allow trainees to take notes with ‘Class notebook’
  • Let the trainees share notes and other reference materials with other trainees of the training program
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