Singer Sri Lanka reaches next level with “Learning Paths”, the newest feature of Headstart Learning Software

In 2018, Singer Sri Lanka established an eLearning strategy together with Headstart learning software. In 2019, they upgraded their eLearning strategy with the newest feature of Headstart Learning software, to enhance productivity of the Learning & Development operations.   

Singer Sri Lanka is a large, diversified company with a presence throughout the island. Due to the widespread presence of Singer branches around the island, the company faced many challenges in terms of boosting the productivity of their Learning & Development (L&D) Operations. Such as; maintaining consistency in training programs, improve user engagement, ensuring accessibility of learning materials and monitor individual development progress.

Hence in 2018, Singer Sri Lanka launched the Headstart Learning Management System (HLMS) provisioning access to 1,500+ employees. With the HLMS, Singer was able to formulate an eLearning strategy that enhanced their L&D operations, as HLMS provisioned solutions to all their learning needs.

Accordingly, in 2019, Singer Sri Lanka upgrades their LMS with the newest feature addition, the “Learning path”. This feature allows a trainer to define ‘learning paths’ segmenting various learning needs of their employees. Ex: A Learning Path for sales agents.

This feature improves the learning experience of the employees as each employee gets to perceive their own learning path and their learning milestones ahead. Consequently, this feature allows the training managers to improve, progress monitoring of each employee along a specifically defined learning path.   Thus, with this “Learning Path” feature, Singer Sri Lanka is significantly improving the efficiency of their L&D operations. 

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