Continue learning anywhere anytime

The Mobile application of the Headstart LMS, allows all your employees to continue learning despite of a continuous internet connection. 

It is essential for an organisation to persuade its employees to achieve their learning & development milestones as that greatly affect their personal development as well as their achievements of assigned performance targets. Thus, it is vital for an organisation to make sure that all employees have access to the learning resources despite of their work location, day and time.

Hence, Headstart introduces a mobile application of the Headstart Learning Management System (HLMS) that supports both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile application is a mobile version of the HLMS that serve online learning needs of all employees’ despite of their location of work, time and day that they prefer to continue learning.

As per an analysis of the corporate employee needs, it was identified that some employees required to work remotely. Thus, internet connection had become a major issue that interrupted the continuation of their learning.

To overcome this issue, HLMS mobile application was incorporated with features that enabled

users to download selected courses or selected lessons of courses, to their mobile phones as per their learning needs. This allowed all users to continue their learning despite of continuous availability of internet.  In a nutshell, with HLMS mobile application, an organisation may ensure significant enhancements in their learning & development operations as well as improved; employee engagement and personal growth.

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