Empower employees with a personalized learning experience

Headstart ‘Learning Path’ function, allows your organisation to enhance the effectiveness of the employee learning experience. 

A proper learning experience is a critical aspect that has a great impact on the employee performance. Many organisations face challenges in provisioning better learning experience for their employees.

With the “Learning Path” function of the Headstart Learning Management System (HLMS), an organisation may provide its employees with an advanced as well as continuous learning paths. Trainers can define Learning Paths combining all learning needs of the employees. Once defined, those Learning Paths can be assigned to employees. 

A Learning Path can be formed with a set of milestones where each milestone resembles a level of achievement. A milestone can be formulated with a group of courses. Thus, a user has to go through several courses to achieve a milestone.

To motivate users and to improve user engagement, trainers can assign badges for employees to obtain at each successful completion of course assignments/ courses etc. Accordingly, trainers can track and monitor the progress of employees through the achievements at each course/milestone.

Furthermore, this function enables the employees, to foresee their assigned goals, that are mandatory to be achieved in order to fulfil their learning needs. Thus, the function provisions the employees to perceive their own performance/ progress through the achievements along the Learning Path. Therefore, this function enables employees to self-motivate for further improvements.  Hence, the “Learning Path” function, empowers an organisation to provision a personalised learning experience for its employees and reap higher performance results.    

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