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DOE reinforces to meet the needs of the next generation change makers together with Headstart

In 2019, Sri Lanka Department of Examinations, revamped their website along with new functions that expands and improves their service provisioning, together with Headstart.      R Sri Lanka Department of Examinations (DOE) facilitates many services with regard to school examinations as well as various professional examinations. Therefore, it is vital for the DOE to improve efficiency […]
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Empower employees with a personalized learning experience

Headstart ‘Learning Path’ function, allows your organisation to enhance the effectiveness of the employee learning experience.  A proper learning experience is a critical aspect that has a great impact on the employee performance. Many organisations face challenges in provisioning better learning experience for their employees. With the “Learning Path” function of the Headstart Learning Management […]
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Continue learning anywhere anytime

The Mobile application of the Headstart LMS, allows all your employees to continue learning despite of a continuous internet connection.  It is essential for an organisation to persuade its employees to achieve their learning & development milestones as that greatly affect their personal development as well as their achievements of assigned performance targets. Thus, it […]
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Singer Sri Lanka reaches next level with “Learning Paths”, the newest feature of Headstart Learning Software

In 2018, Singer Sri Lanka established an eLearning strategy together with Headstart learning software. In 2019, they upgraded their eLearning strategy with the newest feature of Headstart Learning software, to enhance productivity of the Learning & Development operations.    Singer Sri Lanka is a large, diversified company with a presence throughout the island. Due to the […]
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Make a powerful impact with every training program

Headstart ‘Training Manager’ function allows your organization to arrange the most effective training programs and supports to make the best out of each training program.    It’s always wise for an organisation to improve its own training and development strategy as it has a direct impact on the growth of the business. Accordingly, it is […]
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